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Birthday Miles 2021

I like to geek out while having real experiences. I maintain an extensive GPS database from my hikes, bikes, runs, and skis dating back to 2008. Feel free to follow the georss feed, explore the map above or download the GPS tracks below.

Distance:65.32 km
Track time:7:21:11
Wall time:7:56:53

After missing my miles last year with some kind of nasty sickness (H1N1? Covid-19?), I was highly motivated to ski them this year. The conditions were very great, and Rosie lent me her fast (slightly longer than mine) skis and everything was pretty smooth sailing. My friend John joined me for the first 28 km, we stopped for about a half hour lunch and then I went back to do the remainder myself. Highlights: fast descents down all of the hills, especially the Norweigian and Glory View trails. We had a few people that we had to side step as we came careening down the hill. Managing to ski every single groomed trail in the entire network (even if it meant doubling back on a few trails to pick up a few more). Good energy. I felt energetic throughout *most* of the ski (kms 58-66 were a bit of a slog, but that was it). Even now... I'm still awake at 11pm writing about it whereas most years I'm conked out by now. Lowlights: John's face plant going down Glory View (did I mention the fast descents?!). Tricepts were a bit fatigued going into the second half, but held up more or less (and aren't sore now). Something in my left hip flexor is a little swollen, but overall I feel great.

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