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Mountain biking "Snow White" in Kimberly

I like to geek out while having real experiences. I maintain an extensive GPS database from my hikes, bikes, runs, and skis dating back to 2008. Feel free to follow the georss feed, explore the map above or download the GPS tracks below.

Distance:14.58 km
Track time:2:20:15
Wall time:2:30:29

Day 2 of the days mountain biking trip. Jeremei's bike was back in business and we picked up another person who was described as being an "Animal". He was leading us all up the mountain, chatting, w/o breaking a sweat while I was absolutely dying trying to keep pace. Two thirds of the way up, I said I was out, but was convinced to keep going to the top of the climb trail (Unicorn Hunting). At that point, Keven and I decided on heading down, rather than continue up a logging road in full sun at mid-day (barf). The descent down Snow White was pretty reasonable. Definitely steeps that Kevin and I couldn't ride *now*, but imagined being able to ride them with some practice. Near the bottom, we missed a turn onto White Lightning due to some construction, so we ended up riding the road down to NIMBY and had some flowy fun to close out the weekend.

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