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Hiking the PCT: Day 11

I like to geek out while having real experiences. I maintain an extensive GPS database from my hikes, bikes, runs, and skis dating back to 2008. Feel free to follow the georss feed, explore the map above or download the GPS tracks below.

Distance:29.88 km
Track time:8:34:57
Wall time:21:13:34

End: 2646.4 Start: 2623.1 Total: 23.3 Another smoky day. Thick! Sun's reduced power and barely visible so it didn't get hot. But you also can't see any views. Another long, dry stretch of ridge running. Boring and kinda gross. OB crashed through camp last night @ like 7pm, then I saw them at breakfast. Cool to see hikers returning from the border, folks who were a day or so ahead of me. Saw the weird woman who didn't talk. She spoke! We actually had a conversation about H2O and fire closures. So weird. Was going to camp @ the lake (1st H2O in like 49 miles) but it's technically closed. So I'll push on to Castle Pass after dinner. Only 15 miles left. Ptarmigan. Raven. Pika. Pileated. Blisters getting slightly worse again. Developing slight shin splint on right. Lots of folks in Castle Pass. French (braid) smoker and "The Sibs". Dreams: something about getting accupuncture. This track is missing a few miles at the end unfortunately.

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